Felix Kjellberg, Pewdiepie makes a big donation to content creators mental health charity

Felix Kjellberg, known as Pewdiepie decided to make a huge donation after a death of his good friend Etika.

Famous Youtuber called, “Etika” was found dead in his apartment following a worrying video online. Pewdiepie immediately responded with “You will continue to live on in our hearts. Rest in peace @Etika.”

He also stated that If you’re struggling mentally, speak to someone close or call, you are important!’ as well as a series of crisis numbers for multiple countries.

Pewdiepie chose to make a charity stream to support content creators with Jack Black.

GoFundMe’s Pewdiepie has already beat its $30,000 goal, and the crowdfunding site stated that “During the past several years, celebrities, YouTubers, streamers, faced tremendous public pressure that led to a toll being taken on their mental health.”

‘We have decided to continue bringing awareness to this issue and showing our support initiatives that fight for mental health awareness and treatment globally.’

Pewdiepie and Jack Black video is on Youtube when the two famous Influencers and Youtubers can be seen playing Minecraft, therefore gathering the money for a big donation.

The donations supported National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), which helps Americans suffering with mental illness.

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