Chicago Gun Violence, Multiple Dead And Injured

The U.S is drowning across the place from recent shootings.

Dayton, Ohio shooting left 9 people dead and near 30 people were injured after a gunman opened fire. While in the other hand in El Paso, Texas 20 people were shot dead and 28 were seriously injured from the gunshots.

Chicago Sunday, two multiple shootings early morning that left eight people shot and one dead in Lawndale. Two hours earlier that day, Douglas park, 7 people were gunned down near a children’s playground. A total of 47 people were shot during this weekend in U.S.

Chicago shooting left emergency departments shocked, where the resources got to a breaking point. Mount Sinai Hospital was forced to close it’s doors to ambulance runs, and patients were diverted to other emergency rooms.

Anthony Guglielmi stated on his Twitter that it has been a terrible tragic 24 hours for the Country and that there are investigation going about the cases in Chicago, reasons behind these attack are unknown and there is no connection still to the other shootings that happen in U.S.

Later on Monday he followed with his Tweet “Area saturation teams and organized crime officers flooded Chicago’s west side following several multi-victim shooting incidents. This firearm with an extended clip was recovered Sunday by @ChicagoCAPS10 in the area where we expected potential retaliation.”

Mass shootings across America has reignited the debate about gun-control.

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